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Crop Insurance

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Keep your investment growing with policies that offer revenue and yield protection, replant coverage, and hail coverage.

Corn • Soybeans • Wheat • Barley

Important Crop Insurance Dates and Deadlines

February 5th | Crop Insurance update meeting for customers

March 15th | Sales closing for corn and soybeans

April 10th | Earliest plant date for corn and still qualify for replant

April 24th | Earliest plant date for soybeans and still qualify for replant

April 29th | Production report deadline for corn and soybeans

June 5th | Final plant date for corn

June 6th-25th | Late plant dates for corn/Prevent Plant notification period

June 20th | Final plant date for soybeans

June 21st - July 15th | Late plant dates for soybeans/Prevent Plant notification period

July 1st | Billing for wheat goes out 

July 15th | Acreage reports due for corn and soybeans

August 1st | Billing for corn and soybeans goes out

September 30th | Sales closing for wheat

October 20th | Final plant date for wheat

October 21st-25th | Late plant dates for wheat/Prevent Plant notification period

November 14th | Production report deadline for wheat

December 15th | Acreage reports due for wheat

CropProjected PriceHarvest Price
Corn $4.58   $5.37
Soybeans $11.87   $12.30
Winter Wheat $5.60   $5.24
Barley $3.27    $2.68

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